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WeTip is focusing on the emerging issues facing Students

WeTip has incorporated education and student guided discussions focused on awareness of current and emerging issues facing young people - into the overall prevention model. Students are taught to address the code of silence that exists in our culture.  Students are encouraged to report suspicious situations, mental health concerns, and other behavioral concerns in a way that provides a two-way dialog.  Communication is critical to effective early intervention and improving the welfare of young people. The strategy set by WeTip produces strong surveillance skills among bystanders; teaching young people and adults what to watch for, what to listen for and what not to ignore. The overarching goal of WeTip is to change the attitude surrounding reporting, engage bystanders to be a part of the solution, and build a culture and climate of respect. Incorporating a way for students to anonymously report concerns into a district/school's overall safety plan increases the chances of receiving accurate intel from bystanders who directly witness concerns and threats. Receiving useful information ahead of time allows for that team of adults to intervene early and prevent violence BEFORE it happens.

Through collaborative relationships, WeTip has key roles in developing blueprint models of safety policies and providing wraparound services to students. WeTip works closely with government agencies, non-profit partners, schools, and law enforcement, providing awareness and education, encouraging changes in attitudes and cultures that perpetrate incidences of violence. WeTip readily shares critical information to law enforcement, mental health agencies and other parties to aid in investigations and interventions.

When a school receives a WeTip report, they have pre-identified a team of professionals, i.e. counselors, administrators, and law enforcement, who can assist with intervention and connect students to appropriate resources. This pre-identified, multidisciplinary team is responsible for ensuring WeTip reports are handled appropriately and that required actions and steps are taken to protect the safety of all involved. By having a team of adults identified, it reduces the liability of one individual to take action but also creates accountability, whereby the team can trust that at least one team member will intervene effectively. WeTip maintains yearly, up-to-date contact information for their Interagency Social Support Team members in the WeTip database, ensuring the proper personnel receive WeTip reports.