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The WeTip program targets all crimes concerning all types of public entities. WeTip has had a direct impact on crime particularly in municipalities and schools nationwide. The WeTip municipality program encourages cities, counties, towns and villages to take a "total community involvement" approach to crime. WeTip works hand in hand with law enforcement, city council members, members of the chamber of commerce, civic organizations and local media to make the WeTip program a resource to members of the community. WeTip has not only helped communities to capture local criminals but has had a deterrent effect on crime which has caused a direct decrease in crime incidents overall.

The WeTip Community Safety Program deals with: violent crimes, arson fires, weapons, gang activity, domestic terrorism, molestation and pornography, drug sales and trafficking, graffiti, vandalism, vehicle theft, stolen property, threats and other malicious activity.

WeTip is providing the crime hotline service specifically for municipalities, cities and townships throughout the nation This program has reduced property and liability losses significantly in the communities that utilize the program. Proper utilization of the program depends upon education and understanding how WeTip can be used as a crime deterrent as well as a tool for crimes that have already occurred.

Member benefits involve training law enforcement, city administrators and school administrators about WeTip and how it is a deterrent to crime incidents and property losses. The benefits of the program also include ongoing information regarding crime trends, crime reports, and information on wanted criminals and hyperlinks to the WeTip website from your current city website. .

The WeTip Website can be found at This information system will provide training, program information and communication for the growing number of community members involved with WeTip. Designated risk managers, law enforcement and insurance administrators, and school police officers receive specific protected information regarding sensitive crime tip information.

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