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Benefits of WeTip

  • Neutral Third Party Organization (Not the Police/ HR/School Employee)
  • Total Anonymity of the informant with no exceptions! (not just confidentiality)
  • Live Operators staffing the phone, never an answering machine or answering service. No taping, tracing or caller ID.  NO phone logs, No information on the informant, only on the suspect.
  • Continuous service around the clock, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  • Multi-jurisdictional hotline service, regardless of city, county or state lines. Caller NEVER needs to identify any membership data to leave a tip.
  • Multiple crime tips sent to all concerned local, state federal and allied international law enforcement agencies
  • Rewards of Up to $1,000 paid upon arrest and conviction
  • Smart Phone instant Mobile tip app provides the safety of the secured internet service without cell phone identification. Totally anonymous.

WeTip Inc. provides the anonymous crime reporting hotlines throughout the entire United States, including Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, along with portions of Canada and Mexico.  The internet crime reporting resource will provide the anonymous tip system worldwide regarding any major crime including violent crime, property crime, fraudulent and corporate crime and fraud as well as terrorist activity, foreign or domestic.


  • WeTip literature provided
  • Artwork for posters and Brochures, newsletters and metal signs.
  • Business Cards as requested
  • Resource DVD, Safety Video and Public Service Messages
  • “Train the Trainer” Material
  • Incident Specific Flyers
  • Internet postings of Crimes
  • Internet link with WeTip and Member
  • Training/Presentations available
  • Press release and press conference kick off
  • Implementation ideas and support
  • Rewards of up to $1,000 per crime
  • All Rewards paid anonymously

WeTip averages an arrest for every 33 tips received.

For Every arrest made, an average of $20,883 worth of drugs have been seized and $1,078 worth of stolen property is recovered.

For every 1.9 arrests made, a criminal has been convicted in a court of law

For every conviction, there is one less threat against you and your loved ones.  WeTip is not only making news, WeTip is making history