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The WeTip Team

Susan Aguilar, WeTip CEO
909-987-5005 ext. 249
 Bonnie Lubecki, WeTip CFO
909-987-5005 ext. 248
Vanessa Torres, WeTip COO
909-987-5005 ext. 239
Sue Mandell, WeTip National Director
909-987-5005 ext. 250
Tips Operations
909-987-5005 ext. 254
HR Manager
909-987-5005 ext. 252
Arrest/Convictions Justice Dept.
909-987-5005 ext. 232
909-987-5005 ext. 252
Contract Manager
909-987-5005 ext. 230
Creative Services & Website Relations
909-987-5005 ext. 239
WeTip Board of Directors
Laura Clifford HS BW
Laura Clifford, WeTip President 
Sue A
Susan Aguilar WeTip CEO, Vice President
Sue Aguilar has served as WeTip's Chief Executive Office for the past five years. She has served as vice President of the Board of Directors since 1995. She has also served as WeTip's Public Relations Director, Conference & Seminar Coordinator, and Crimeline Editor since 1978.
 John Floyd WeTip Treasure JOHN-B-FLOYD-w BW
 Don Miller WeTip Secretary
Don Miller has been a member of the WeTip Board of Directors for 16 years. He has volunteered at WeTip for 23 years.
Teresa Franco
Teresa Franco WeTip Board of Directors
Teresa is the Prevention Services Coordinator for Schools Insurance Authority (SIA) and is WeTip's new Board member.
todd foster
Todd Foster, WeTip Board of Directors
Todd is the Risk Management Director of Midwest Public Risk, a governmental risk sharing pool in Kansas City, MO. Todd is the newest member to the WeTip Board of Directors.
Claudia Swing, WeTip Board of Directors 

 Board of Governors

Miriam Brownell WeTip founder
Miriam and Bill Brownell founded WeTip in 1972. 42 years later and still going strong Miriam has served on the WeTip Board of Directors since 1972.
Roger Pida1Roger Pida WeTip Board of Governors
Roger has been on the WeTip Board of Directors since 2005. He currently works for Wells Fargo Security.
Walter Allen III WeTip Board of Governors
Walt Allen has served on the WeTip Board of Directors for 5 years. Walt is currently the mayor of Covina, CA and retired as the Director of the California Youth Authority in Sacramento, CA.